About Rebit.ph

Rebit.ph is a service of Satoshi Citadel Industries, a Philippine-based holdings company for Bitcoin-related ventures. Our mission is to further the growth of the Bitcoin network in the Philippines by providing universal access to otherwise inaccessible financial services, enabling participation in the internet economy regardless of the size of the bank account, and fostering innovation without permission from central authorities.

The Philippines is the second largest recipient for remittances in Asia, with a total of US$26 billion transferred in 2013. The lion’s share of these remittances is enabled by conventional banks and money transfer agents, which charge hefty fees for international transactions. Rebit aims to provide the same remittance service at a significantly lower rate than banks or money transfer agents. We do this by leveraging the superior process that the Bitcoin platform enables. We strive for total transparency in both our business model and service fees, and offer the best BTC-to-PHP payout rates in the Philippines. Our delivery options include forwarding to most local banks, as well as the most popular pawnshops and other payment centers.

For more information, please contact admin@rebit.ph.

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